Friday, February 22, 2008

Life has been busy for us the past couple of months. I don't want to jinx myself by saying this but I seem to be feeling a bit better. I still don't have very much energy but at least I am not sick from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep!

The pregnancy is going by very quickly. I am already in my fifth month! I am starting to get a little baby belly and I have felt it move a few times. I am 16 weeks 5 days today so it will not be long until we can find out the sex! I debated on not finding out. I have baby clothes for either sex so there is really no practical reason to do so. But everyone else in my life boycotted that idea! But I'll admit, I too am tempted to know so that I can start going through all of the cute baby clothes I have stored in the building!

We used some of our tax money to buy an inexpensive (but in very good shape!) mini-van. No matter which type of seat we tried to fit into the Escape, there was just no way to get all three car seats in the back. Natalie's seat is very large but because her her size and age, it is necessary for her to be in it. She is too large for the regular toddler seat but too short and too young for a regular booster. Ben is still in his booster as well. There is literally about six inches between their two seats - definitely not enough room for another baby!

The kids also have a new treat. Their Um-bah found the perfect set of bunk beds for them at the local thrift store. These were some of the nicest beds I have seen and they were at a thrift store price! Ben is delighted to sleep on the top bunk and Natalie is still working on being delighted to sleep on the bottom.

Shawn has joined a basketball team through is work. They play their games on Monday nights and the kids love going to watch daddy play!

Ben is doing well with his school. We are doing some tweaking on how we do school. I have found that trying to sit down between certain hours each day and "do school" does not work for either one of us. With this pregnancy, sometimes *I* don't feel well, or sometimes he is in the middle of something and doesn't want to stop or sometimes Natalie is in one of her moods and tries to sing over me reading a book to Ben, which makes learning impossible. It occurred to me that one of the points of not sending him to public school is that we have the freedom to learn our own way. Why bother homeschooling if we are just going to do a carbon copy of school while at home?

So I have given Ben more control over his schedule, which works much better. It saves the struggle of when to "do school" and it saves the guilt on my part that I am not sitting down at a certain time each day to teach him. He is actually learning more this way! Each Sunday I make out a lesson plan for the week. I have an organizer with folders. Each subject has its own folder. I put all of the math worksheets for the week in one folder, his grammar pages in anther, the books he needs to read for the week in another, etc. He is allowed to set his own pace and schedule. He can choose to do three math sheets in one day and then take a break or he can do one each day. He can choose to do it at nine in the morning or at three in the afternoon. As long as he is learning, I have no problem with him setting his own pace.

He is reading on a second grade level, doing math on a third and is fascinated with history (I have no way to put a grade level on history). So I am very satisfied with where we stand. Often times just a simple question on his part leads to us doing an Internet search and spending two hours learning about a subject together.

I think that most of you know that Ben arm a while back. He was leaving his Um-bah's house and accidentally shut his pant leg in the door. When he tried to walk down the step, he fell on his arm. His cast is due to come off on the third of March but we are going to see if they will take it off a few days early so that he can play in his last basketball game of the year.

And last but definitely not least, today is Natalie's third birthday! Around this time three years ago (it is currently 1:00 in the afternoon) Shawn was on his way to the birthing center from his work and I was trying to get the hospital room organized. I remember my midwife walking in and giving me a strange look because when she asked how things were going, I replied that "I was trying to get all of my stuff unpacked and organized but that these darned contractions kept stopping me!" It's pretty funny now but I remember being quite indignant that I was being interrupted from my "important work" by those silly old contractions, lol. She came into the world just a few hours later so those contractions must have been doing something! I can't believe that in just a few shorts months we will be doing it all over again.

The Corder's are coming over tonight and we are having a spaghetti dinner for Natalie before the boys head out for basketball practice. She is looking forward to playing with her friend Pearl.

So that is the update for this week. I will try to be better about writing!

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