Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sorry for the delay in an update. We went on vacation during the first part of this month. We were in Charleston, SC for a few days and then over to Myrtle Beach for a few days to see my bestest friend Jeffery and his partner Brett...and to also meet my friend Christa whom I have only been able to talk to online before then. Despite it being rainy and cold, we had a really good time and brought home some great memories. Here are a few photos from the trip.

The kids at Fort Sumter in Charleston.

The kids on the Hard Rock Cafe motorcycle in Myrtle Beach

Walking down to the beach in front of our hotel in Myrtle Beach

Playing on the beach in Myrtle Beach

Jeff and I

Belly shot on the beach

Jeff, Brett and I

Christa, Jeff and I

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