Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ben is an official "reader" now! When your child stays up later than you so that he can finish "just one more chapter", that is a proud moment. :) How can you be mad at them for staying awake when it is for such a good reason? He has quickly progressed from reading "readers" to books to chapter books. He has been reading "The Magic Treehouse" series in bed at night but doing only a few chapters a night. Last night I read the first two chapters of "The Boxcar Children" to him and he liked it so much that he finished the entire book last night! I remember waking up and hearing Shawn ask him "What are you still doing awake?" but it didn't fully dawn on me until this morning when Ben told me he finished it.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go Ben....you make us so proud.. We Love You!!! Brett and Jeff