Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Yard Project

We are making progress on my yard project. It still isn't anywhere near finished but that is okay because it is teaching patience. It may take years to finish...and by that point, I bet it turns into one of those things that I don't *want* to finish because it will be my hobby, my work in progress.

So instead of using the black ground cover that is sold in garden supply stores (for a high price), I bought inexpensive light weight tarps from the Dollar Store. I also used some left over scrap linoleum from a friend. I covered the areas that I wanted to mulch. The tarps worked wonderfully because they already have the holes in them for me to put the peg into (to hold it down to the ground). I decided to let the walkway remain grassy and am going to put step stones on it. They won't actually be "stones" though...they will be things that I already have or things that I find. Currently I am using old door mats for the "stones"...but I don't have enough so I am going to have to get creative. On both sides of the walkway will be mulch.

In different places in the mulched area will be a garlic bed, a strawberry bed, blueberry bushes, a tree and grape vines. The kid's pool is also up here (because it is the only area in the yard that is actually flat and not on a slope).

This area shows the mulched area and the dirt bed where I am going to plant wildflowers (the triangle area). The area with rocks is a little water garden.

This photos shows work that still needs to be done. I am building a fence to go along the sides by using branches in the shape of a Y, driving them into the ground and then laying a long straight branch in the Y on each end. It also shows the beginning of my rock garden.

This is my organic, herloim herb garden. It is a mudicinal garden. I plan to dry the herbs and use them to treat sickness this winter. I wrote the names of each herb on popcicle sticks and that wasn't the best idea as the rain made the ink run and now I don't know which is what...I am going to have to take an herb book out there and try to identify them! lol

This is my garlic bed. It is the wrong time of year to plant garlic but I knew it would go bad if I tried to keep it until the fall. So I planted it and am just going to have to leave it for about a year before I see anything out of it.

This is just a groovy fence that I built. I am going to use it to dry herbs. The other one didn't work out but I like this one better anyway!

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