Monday, July 27, 2009

First Day of School!

Today was our first day of school.

Ben is "in" third grade and Natalie is doing four year old kindergarten. She will be in "kindergarten" for two years. We are working on her shapes, numbers, colors, alphabet and letter sounds, seasons, etc. this year. I don't really care which grade the kids say they are in as those are more of a school system label, but Natalie INSISTS that she is in kindergarten it is! She was very excited about today.

During lessons we found a frog in the house and had to take a break to go put water in the pond (it hasn't rained here in ages) so that we could release the frog.

Later we are going to go pick apples from our orchard (I can't believe that it is already apple time!) and do an art lesson with a few of them. We read about woodblock prints in art so we are going to try our hand at making some prints (using apples instead of wood as they are easier to carve).

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stormydawn said...

i am already missing homeschooling!

i shall have to live vicariously through you and jennifer!