Saturday, August 1, 2009

Native American Festival

We went to a Native American festival at Red Clay today. We went a few years ago when Ben was little and were pretty disappointed. We bought an Indian head dress and when we got to the car we saw a tag on it that said "made in China". We have been going to classes at Red Clay during the week recently and I mentioned our disappointment to the ranger who was teaching our class. She said that the whole festival had been revamped and that now only Native Americans were allowed to be vendors and that they were only allowed to sell thing that were actually hand made. So we went today and were very pleased. Ben bought a much coveted blow gun. These are made from hollowed out river reed and they are what the Natives used to hunt. The kids got to practice with one at their class and when Ben found out that there is a tournament every year at the festival...well, I'm sure you can figure out the rest of the story! He is waiting until next year to actually be in the tournament as he feels that he needs more practice than just a day's worth.

Natalie wanted her face painted at one of the booths but it was hot and she was sweaty and I knew that it would get smudged within minutes so we told her that we would paint her face when we got home. It looked so much fun that the entire family got into it and we all ended up with war paint.

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stormydawn said...

i love it!!!

now, why wasn't i invited to go to this native american festival?? j/k!!! :)
i didn't know about it or i would've come. pretty soon i won't have time to take my kids to cool stuff anymore!

~~ from someone who misses being a homeschooler...