Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Zoe is Nine Months Old!

Nine month old. Now she has been on this Earth as long as she was in the womb. We are only three months away from a year old. I have greatly enjoyed her babyhood...I think that I relax a little more with each child.

She still is not crawling and she still has no teeth. Both are fine by me. :) A nursing baby with no teeth cannot bite as hard as a nursing baby with teeth! And a baby who will sit in one spot and play is easier to care for than a baby who has discovered that they can get around.

She loves to eat and still growls at us and moves her hands in little circles as she is growling...this is her way of letting us know that she wants a bite! She is starting to be able to get around on her own, even without actually crawling. She uses her head and kind of throws it in the direction in which she wants to move. She is also pulling up on daddy and I when we are in the bed.

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