Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baseball time again...

And so it begins...

Tonight was the first baseball practice for both kids. Natalie's was at 5:30 and Ben's at 6:30. They were adorable dressed in the baseball uniforms, ready to head off to the field.

Natalie threw in the towel a bit early and refused to bat, but in her defense she only had a thirty minute nap today so after a day at home school co-op and then baseball practice, she was exhausted. She and her team were so cute out on the field. You don't realize how little they are until you see them all out there together trying to play ball.

Ben has really improved this year! When he and daddy practice in the backyard he prides himself on hitting the ball out of the yard and into the road behind the house. If he hits the ball that far at the ball field he is going to be hitting some home runs this year!
Natalie had a potty accident at the field and the only change of clothes I had in the van was a dress. Unfortunately, I didn't include shoes when packing the change of clothes so she ended up wearing a flower dress with her black cleats. It was a pretty interesting sight to behold. I got a photo of her when we got home, asleep from a long day...all curled up in her dress and cleats.