Sunday, March 2, 2008

Off to church...

Our friend's daughter was baptised on Saturday and we attended the celebration. We are becoming more knowledgeable about the Orthodox church but this was the first baptism that we have attended. I found it to be very interesting. It was also cool that it was basically the same baptism that the church did two thousand years ago...from what I understand, very little has changed in way of how the services are done.

As for news on the "home front", we found out last week that the baby is a girl! We are all excited. The kids both wanted a girl. I was honestly ok either way but I am thrilled to have another baby girl. This pregnancy seems to be going by quickly. I am 18 weeks today. I guess when you have two other kids to care for, you don't have as much time to sit and focus on the pregnancy!

The kids are growing and learning each day. This morning they were in the bed with us, playing with Lego blocks. I started putting them together in a pattern of red, blue, red, blue. I would ask Natalie which color came next and she got it right every time! Then I added another color to the pattern and she still would choose the correct block to hand to me. I was impressed that she got the concept at her age.

Then Ben found an old tape measure and started measuring everything in sight, which lead to an impromptu math lesson. He already understood the concept of an inch and that it takes twelve inches to equal a foot so it was basically a review. But he enjoyed himself. We found a math page in an old workbook and worked on estimating and then actually measuring objects to see how close our estimates of measurement were. Natalie even got into it. She ran around the house finding things for Ben to measure!

Ben got his cast off on Friday and his arm had healed nicely. He was able to play in the last basketball game of the year. His basketball photos should be back soon and I will be giving them out/mailing them out to everyone.

Here is a photo of Ben and Natalie and their friend Elias at the baptism.

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