Sunday, March 9, 2008

Our Weekend...

For the most part we had a pretty uneventful week. We seem to be "under the weather" again but that has been more the norm than the unusual this winter.
We had a light snow Saturday morning and the kids got bundled up and went outside to play before it stopped.

Then today Natalie helped daddy change Um-bah's oil. I don't know weather they got more oil in the car or into her!

After the chores we got all of the baseball stuff out of the building and got it organized for the upcoming Little League season. The kids and daddy played some ball while I watched. Ben hit more than he missed! Natalie was a bit tired as she didn't get a good nap today so she was a bit cranky, as you can see from the photo!

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Anonymous said...

OH I can see by that photo that you are going to have fun tonight. I hope you have a great night and will talk to you soon

Love you all,

Jeff & Brett