Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today was a good day. We went to Build-a-Bear. I had told Natalie that I would take her there while Daddy and Ben went to the hockey game. It turns out that the Atlanta mall where we stayed didn't have a BAB! She had quite a bit of birthday money that she wanted to spend we went this morning.
Then we had lunch at a local hole in the wall seafood place (which was delicious!). Then to a thrift store to get bathing suits for the kids. Then we went over to Tybee Island (which is where we stayed every single year during my childhood). It felt like going back was really neat. We went to the light house and I climbed all the way to the top!! Carrying a baby!! Shawn was in the bathroom and the kids took off so I followed. I knew he was too sick to make it but I did plan on leaving Zoe with him. A really nice couple passed me while I was on a landing, huffing and puffing. The man offered to carry Zoe the rest of the way down (she was literally slung under my arm like a sack and I was huffing and holding onto the rail and must have looked pretty bad, lol!). I gladly let him.

We went to the beach after the lighthouse. We had been telling the kids that it was too cold to swim and they kept arguing. So we decided to take the approach that we would just let them find out for themselves. We figured that when they felt the water that they would agree that it was too cold...not my crazy kids...they got out there and swam! People actually came over from different places on the beach just to watch them. One man came up and said "I thought I saw them from way over there but I didn't believe what I thought I saw so I came over to see!"

Zoe's first look at the ocean!

Zoe eating her first cracker at the restaurant tonight.

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