Friday, February 20, 2009

We don't have a local recycling center so we save our recycling until we have quite a bit and then take it to Chattanooga. The kids love helping to sort everything into the proper containers.

Also, a photo of me with my new glasses.

My Anthropology class is fascinating and it is reaffirming some of my parenting beliefs. The chapter I am currently reading discusses co-sleeping. It discusses how American parents push their children to be independent because that is what is valued in this society. Most societies in the world sleep with their is what has been done since the beginning of time and it is what is still done in most countries of the world. Our children have always slept with us and it was nice to read about all of the advantages of co-sleeping - and in a textbook none the less!

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Anonymous said...

oh la the glasses. You look great!!! Love ya, Jeff